Sunday, 9 January 2011

Ryan Sullivan: A Fucking Disaster

Another really interesting episode from Ryan Sullivan. This one's number 56, titled A Fucking Disaster. Lots of reasons to watch this, including hot sex, insights into the making and editing of our porn, and - for true Liam Cole obsessives - a brief glimpse of one of my drawings. It's the portrait on the notice board behind Ryan (above).

The drawing is one of several that I made for Paul Morris when we were trying to develop a face for a robotic man; a kind of animatronic sex toy, slave and housemate. Paul stipulated that the face should look very simple-minded and almost neanderthal, hence the heavy brow on the example seen here. The project is ongoing.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Ian Jay jerks off to FULL TILT

It's always good to hear that someone's enjoying my videos, especially when that person is a seasoned fuckaholic like Ian Jay (pictured above and below).

Ian has posted a great review of FULL TILT on his blog here, saying "I have found my new favorite porn flick". That's some seriously high praise coming from the star cum-dump of BONE DEEP, FUCK HOLES 2, and of course BREEDING IAN JAY. This is the guy who was on the receiving end of the notorious 1000 Load Fuck, so if anyone knows hot man-fucking when he sees it, then Ian should.

Thanks Ian, you hot fucker and inspiration to pig bottoms everywhere!

Here's some of my favourite pictures of the man in action.

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Rhetoric of Sex

The latest episode of Ryan Sullivan's ongoing documentary about Treasure Island Media is online now, titled 55. Rhetoric of Sex. Compelling as ever, this one includes a very interesting analysis of the porn that Paul Morris and I make. It dissects footage from an unreleased scene that I shot last year, with three guys, Ross Fuller, Zack Elias, and Frank Klein. (I don't entirely recognise Ryan's description of these guys, but he's entitled to put his spin on what he sees and I'm not complaining). All three guys (pictured below) are also in my new dvd FULL TILT, out now on the TIM website. Ryan's documentary, including this episode, can be viewed here.

Ross Fuller

Zack Elias

Frank Klein

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

FULL TILT new video release

The new dvd FULL TILT is finished and available to download or pre-order on DVD now. I'm REALLY excited about this one because it's just full of the kind of guys and sex that I aim to get in my porn (check out the trailer for proof). There's full-on double-fucking, fisting, tons of ass-to-mouth, and an 8-man gang fuck that is so obviously real that it feels like being there.

Big thanks to the fearless awesome fuck pigs who feature in FULL TILT and live the life it depicts. Thankyou for letting me join in with my camera: Peto Coast, Lucky Joe, Frank Klein, Jack Lewis, Darren Hawke, Ross Fuller, Brent Bow, Paul Mann, Ed Gunn, Jason Stormme, Bruce, Nikos, Anton Dickson, Marc Dann.

Thanks also to Clay for designing the hot cover, to the TIM editors, Damon Dogg, Reuben, and Elliott, for their brilliant work turning hours of my disorganised fuck tapes into a coherent video, to Matt for cracking the whip, and to Paul Morris for presiding over the only authentic man-sex cult in the world.

FULL TILT is available to download direct, or if you prefer to have it on dvd then you can pre-order your copy and it'll be shipped to you in mid-January 2011.

For more info, stills, and my lurid descriptions of every scene, check out the FULL TILT page. Thanks for your ongoing support, I think TIM fans must be the most loyal in the history of porn. I hope you get off on watching this as much as we got off on making it. Happy Holidays!

Sunday, 19 December 2010

A picture of me

This is me shooting "behind the scenes" footage on a friend's video project. Hopefully this picture will be acceptable to the administrators of twitter, who recently suspended my account because my last picture (below) was deemed "pornographic". I must be jaded. I thought this was about as pornographic as a builder's butt cleavage.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Setting the record straight

The last post received this anonymous comment:

"HIV and Dying of AIDS is not intensly pleasurable or beautiful. You got insurance? your going to need it...don't forget lots of diareah and wasting away to disfigurement...but go ahead and have this "beautiful" sexual experience. Hey Try some heroin while your at it."

There's a confusion here between description and advice. Speaking honestly about a pleasurable activity is not the same as recommending it. It's up to us to make informed choices of our own.

To answer the points about HIV and AIDs:

"Wasting away to disfigurement" presumably refers to lipodystrophy: body-fat changes including fat-loss from the face and buttocks. This isn't a symptom of HIV or AIDs. It's a side-effect of drugs used to treat the virus (AZT and d4T). Fortunately, newer HIV drugs have been developed without this side-effect (efavirenz, tenofovir, abacovir, etc). For this reason AZT and d4T are no longer recommended to people starting HIV treatment.

Diarrhea is a possible side-effect of some HIV drugs, but it doesn't effect everyone and often only occurs during the first few weeks or months of treatment. Diarrhea caused by HIV drugs can be treated with ordinary tablets (loperimide, Imodium) available at pharmacies.

The aim of current HIV treatment is to reduce the viral load to "undetectable" and prevent AIDs for life. That's becoming possible because of continuing progress in HIV drug development (which we should be celebrating as a fucking triumph of human ingenuity).

Increasingly, the problem is not whether these drugs work, but whether they are available and affordable to all people with HIV, from San Francisco to Sub-Saharan Africa. This is the politics of healthcare, and it requires all of us (poz or neg) to be clear-headed, informed and engaged. So, the commenter is right to bring up insurance, but wrong to cloud the topic with stigma and fear-mongering. 

Monday, 29 November 2010

Reader's story

  Last night I received an email from a young guy whose ass has been featured on this blog in the past. Recently he's had some major sexual adventures, and he wrote them all in this email while he was still horny and high. The choices he's making might not be right for everyone, but his description shows that these experiences are profoundly important and meaningful for him - as well as being intensely pleasurable. I believe most people could find something here to identify with, if they're honest.

  The pictures are from a new video I'm working on. I don't want to give too much away until it's finished, so that's why I made these into black and white negative images. I hope the video will capture some of the intensity that this guy describes:

  "So dude, I wrote you a while ago and you posted some pics of me. I've always had a fantasy and this was to be a total uninhibited bottom for a bunch of dudes. The main thing that's always stopped me was the fear of becoming poz. I don't know what has come over me the last few weeks, but I met this dude from the net and went to his house, and I knew he was poz (I've fucked poz boys before, just used rubbers). But his profile online said he was into bareback, so I thought, "What the fuck? This is something I really want to do. Sex the way I want it. Sex the way it was meant to be."
  So needless to say, I went to his house and we fucked raw all night. He had a nice 8 inch cock and knew how to slide it into my smooth hole. He didn't cum in me, but I wanted him to. Again being cautious. I did blow a HUGE load up his ass though.

  A few nights later I stayed at his place again, but we went out and got totally drunk before, so we just passed out, but then again in the morning, I let him slide his gorgeous cock up my butt. It feels so good. One of those nice big dicks that's just smooth as fuck. It felt so good sliding in and out while I worked his nipples. He still didn't cum though. I was still being cautious.
  So last night I decided I was going to do it. I went online and was talking to this dude who has actually done some TIM work. So he's fucking hot. Super tall, huge dick, and poz. So I went to meet him last night at a video booth, and when I got there, he called me and said he had a place for us to fuck around. I could hear other men in the background. I knew this was going to be great.
  I got there, and his friends were a couple. One was 41, kind of bald, lots of tattoos. The other was 39, HUGE dick, and a smoking ass. They were immediately excited I was there. So I decided to do another thing I've never done. I did some Tina last night. First time. It felt fucking amazing. (I'm still high as shit 8 hours later) So we were all blowing each other and I asked if they were poz, and they both were as well. I told them I was neg and hoped that didn't throw a wrench in their plans. They were super turned on.

  So the TIM dude I met from the net got back online and told us another dude was coming over. I hopped in the shower to get my ass ready for some cock. When I came out, the other dude was there. HOTTEST FUCKING GUY I'VE EVER FUCKED. He was tall, shaved head, covered in tattoos and poz as well. So long story short, I got fucked by all of them. We stayed up all night and all morning just doing T and sucking, kissing, and me laying there just taking their cocks.
  I wanted them to cum in me. I decided it was time. Well, by the end we were all so T'd out that we all lost our hard ons. Lol. Such is life. But it was AMAZING Liam! I told them all like halfway through that I had always wanted to do this and thanked them for doing it for me. The really hot dude had his dick in me more than anyone. His cock was epic. I fucked a few of them too, but mainly I just fucking stayed lubed up and let them slide their dicks in me. It was so fucking hot. I am so glad I did it. It was just overwhelming thinking about being a "good' fag for the rest of my life and not doing what I really want. So Mr hot dude from the orgy and I exchanged numbers and I am going to get him to cum in me this time. He was trying so hard too!

  I don't have the biggest dick (It's actually kind of small when it's soft but that's what jockstraps are for) but I have a fantastic ass, and my inner bottom is really coming out. I've been taking some big dicks lately (There was a 3some in between both of my poz boy encounters but we used rubbers, but they hade huge dicks as well) So I'm discovering that bareback bottoming doesn't really hurt. I really like it. Anyway man, I just wanted to let you know what happened to me last night, and how elated I feel. I'm actually online right now looking for a load :) So write me back when you have the time. Hope things are going well for you.
  Love always, R"